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Saturday 26 May 2018
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Medi-Dose announces new additions to its IV accessory product line

When preparing IV medication, one of the challenges facing pharmacy and nursing professionals in today’s cost-conscious environment is finding the right accessories to maintain the highest quality of care while containing expenses. 


To help reconcile both concerns, Medi-Dose/EPS has added several innovative products to its IV accessory line: 


Male Luer Slip Plugs - designed for any compounded product or procedure that requires capping, intermittent capping or protection for access ports on medical devices. 


Female Luer Lock Syringe Caps – offering a narrow design and ideal for Radio/Nuclear Pharmacies. They will fit into dose-holders and accommodate the addition of syringe shields for radioactive injections. 


Tray Packaged Luer Lock Caps - for volume capping of syringes. A unique 'keyed' tray bottom lets you install caps quickly and efficiently with a simple twist of the syringe; further enhancing aseptic technique.


Individually Packaged TampAlerT® Tamper-Evident Syringe Caps - each cap contains a clear luer lock closure protected by a colored tamper-evident “break-away” sleeve. Once attached to the syringe, the closure can only be removed when the outer sleeve is broken. Caps are now available both individually packaged and in trays of 10     


“Nothing replaces proper aseptic technique”,notes Bob Braverman, Medi-Dose/EPS’s Director of Marketing. “Our products help pharmacists and nurses maintain the high standards of their technique, reduce infection and incidents, and promote safety…all while controlling costs.” 


For more information on EPS’s IV Product Line, contact Robert Braverman or visit For over 40 years, Medi-Dose®, Inc. / EPS®, Inc. has been working with pharmacists to develop cost-effective solutions that promote medication safety and error prevention. 

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