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Sunday 26 May 2019
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Helapet launch new SteriSpor™ sporicidal spray

Helapet have introduced an all new sterile sporicidal trigger spray for fast acting yet safe elimination of spore contamination  in controlled cleanroom environments.


SteriSpor™ is a fast acting yet non-hazardous hypochlorous acid (HOCl) solution and has been developed to minimise the risk of viable spore contamination during aseptic transfer of cleanroom materials, and non-product surface disinfection (


A fully validated sporicidal, bactericidal and fungicidal solution, SteriSpor™ meets all necessary EN standards and exceeds latest UK efficacy guidelines. A greater than 3 log reduction in viable spores combined with a contact time of less than 1 minute demonstrates rapid elimination of organisms including Bacillussubtilis.


Leaving minimal residue SteriSpor™ reduces removal time and corrosion risk to cleanroom equipment, isolators and furniture. Classified as non-hazardous and emitting very low odour compared to other sporicidal products, SteriSpor™ sprays provide assured safe handling for cleanroom operators.


Aseptically filled into an ergonomically designed spray bottle, SteriSpor™ maintains 3 month in-use sterility with our proven closed system preventing the ingress of contaminated air.


SteriSpor™ becomes part of Helapet's comprehensive range of cleanroom sprays, impregnated and dry wipes, supplied fully cleanroom processed, double bagged and sterile. With no activation required, SteriSpor™ sprays deliver exceptional performance straight from the dispenser.


For additional customer service and to request free samples, email or contact us directly on (0)800 0328 428. 

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